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Thursday, 11 December 2014

TOP QUARK CONDENSATE (Supersymmetry) Proton Universe

Our quantum, Is someone else's Atomic. 
Atomic within the quantum, Quantum within the atomic, Everything is relative.
(Quarks/Protons/Particles/Elements/Universe are but Fractals of "Periodic table").

SuperSymmetry between the tables(below click to enlarge/right click to open in new tab)
Each "element" has a heavier super partner up to z172, The lighter elements have the heaviest super partners, (dark matter/supersymmetric particles). Hydrogen, the lightest element has the heaviest super partner.

My Joining of two extended periodic tables Z1 TO Z172  (Top Quark to Anti top Quark)strings?
(right click, open in new tab, zoomed view)

Each element as a anti partner that adds to 172+1 protons/electrons.
A top quark has 173x the mass of a proton. 173 billion electron volts.
Each opposing elements have 173 protons (combined mass 173 GeV).
When these tables/quarks join they rebalance out to 172 x 172 +1

It is the joining of these tables/quarks that create this composite field of the top/anti quark(173 by 172).

Top quarks/anti top quarks 173GeV, 

When opposing elements/anti elements join each opposing elements add to 173 protons, proton/electron numbers, protons 1 GeV, (1 GeV = 1 billion eV) is almost exactly the  energy equivalent to the mass of the proton (E=mc2)

Top quarks 173 GeV,
As I think the Higgs boson  may be from another particles decay (top quarks), I wondered how 126 GeV fit into tables/quarks,
Within these tables i had different thoughts on palladium 46, and Palladiums empty valence shell(shown in pink), to me it was a "weak point, quasi hole".

What normally happens at weak points(snap/break), 46+46+80=172, 46+126=172
If this happens the table/quark splits at element 46 leaving a block of 126 (126 gev Higgs)

But then there are 2 weak points, 2 blocks of 46/46=92 Z boson 91.3gev ?
Also centre block(46 to 126) 80= W boson 80 gev

I am expecting/hoping a fourth generation particle/neutrino of 45/46 GeV will soon be found at CERN.
I realized that when they have created top quarks they decay into many particles but nearly always a bottom quark, Which i believe as a mass of 4.32GeV slightly more than 4x mass of proton.
What I then thought what is percent of 4.32 of 173 on my opposing tables (top quarks)

 berylium is 4 having four protons, which is 4.32% of 173.
beryllium 4.png 173
This is where the tables/quarks join, is it also where the split/decay from, 

I realize I can scale these tables down from atomic/quantum/planck, 

There are many particles i can see fitting within these tables, ie 11 groups which are in themselves sub atomic particles, 11 divided by 173=15.5 (tau neutrino 15.5mev)

Infinite Mass within the Proton,
It is all down to Fractal scales,
Below 3 possible, of the many new "particles/Quarks" for future higher energy Proton collisions at CERN, Depending on decay paths.
1,  692 GeV to 750 GeV,    692 to 750 PROTONS WITHIN SYSTEM
2,  2076 GeV to 2134 GeV, 2076 to 2134 PROTONS WITHIN SYSTEM

z1 to

z1 to -z172, 173 gev outer shell/layer, wave/particle, This "outer shell" of Proton, gives us the energies upto 173 GeV, Top quarks, Higgs, w/z bosons etc.

CASIMIR EFFECT/PENNING TRAP, WITHIN PROTON between shells/element/dimensional layers. Infinite vacuum energy, Einstein's theory of gravitation implies that this energy must produce an infinite gravitational curvature of spacetime =(PROTON/UNIVERSE).

Here are all the "Fractal Element Shell/Layers", that make up the "PROTON" 
EVERY element exists WITHIN the PROTON.
Our universe is expanding within the 92 natural elements,  
Everything exists within the "PROTON" (fractal element z172, 2 8 8 18 18 32 32 18 18 8 8 2) Diameter 1.73 femtometers, 173x0.01fm dimensions

A Proton 938.272 mev, 
But a Top Quark is 173 GeV, I have 173 "fractal protons" within a top quark, this should mean each proton should have a value of 1 GeV, 
The opposing tables go from z1 to z172, -z172 to -z1, these tables overlap from z81 to z92(last naturally occurring element) which is 12x173=2076, which is 6.767% of 172 x173=29756, 
So if we take 6.767%(67.6MeV) away from 1 gev, gives me a value for a proton of 932.33 MeV. 
67.6MeV neutral Pions?

This 6.7% of 173 GeV, may then be a sterile neutrino/wimp 11.18 to 12 GeV just waiting to be found.

But If I take this 932.33MeV and take it to the next fractal level 932.33 MeV divided by 173 =5.38 MeV, Which would mean we should be looking for neutrino of 5.38 MeV.

 11 expansions(alkali metal elements/dimensions/shells. Universe bubbles.

Big-Bang Theory: "The Universe has Slowed Down and Speeded Up Seven Times"

Each New expansion above, speeds up the universe. Our universe may be on the 7th out of 11 expansions.

Quarks/Universe/Galaxies/ are but fractal combinations of these tables.

Gluons are but the sea of "Fractal elements/proton fields" within, the strong force that holds these tables/quarks together,(Aether/Dark energy).
Joining of tables/top quarks, create a field(Top Quark condensate)
11 expansions/dimensions(alkali metals).

Mass comes from the joining of these tables/top quarks(strong force).

When these tables join/rebalance, Each opposing elements release the energy of 1 proton + 1 electron. This rebalancing would produce a lot of energy/heat, So the released protons/electron energy would have to cool before protons/electron can reform (JUST LIKE OUR UNIVERSE HAD TO) And we think the universe popped into existence "as small as a proton".
Sometimes the energy will be positive sometimes negative, it depends which half of the opposing elements the proton/electron is released from.

Take this middle section of tables/quarks below,
Radon on left(+)86, Opposing element on right Francium(-)87, there is 1 extra negative proton, So when these two elements rebalance to element Z172 (2 8 8 18 18 32 32 18 18 8 8 2) will release a negative proton/electron/Universe.

It is the joining of these "fractal" tables/quarks that create this field which some call the "Higgs/TOP QUARK field", which give mass to all particles. up/down quarks.

This +1 is the "observable portion of our universe(started at less than the size of a proton)", which was once part of a other universe, which now expands in an other universe/multiverse,
Infinite universes within universes.
This +1(Proton) would hold all information from parent universe, similar to how each part of a hologram contains all information of hologram.

As I believe it is the joining of two tables/top quarks that give us matter/dark matter (universe),

There may be 172 possible elements, of these "92 occur naturally" (where we are in universe expansion, observable universe "92" billion light years across\expanded.
Z+W= t172
When I add up all the protons in the naturally occurring 92 elements I get 4232, then if I add up anti protons/positrons shown in red below I get 25444,



dark matter is estimated to constitute 84.5% of the total matter in the Universe,   http://en.wikipedia....iki/Dark_matter
Left corner, shows the "92 naturally occurring elements(THE 16% UNIVERSAL MATTER)" (coloured to each chemical group), In red, dark matter/supersymmetric particles(The missing 84%).

Janus point within the Proton, A Multi-verse of different universes/galaxies/solar systems, Each with different densities of "Elements/Dark matter", Our "Universe" is in a "Goldi-locks zone"  ,where the balance of matter/dark matter(z7/z8 to -z166/-z165, 4.5%-5%) allows for stable physics, and Life to evolve.

The proton and electron are considered as matter particles as they have apparently indefinite lifetimes in our Universe. The reversed particles would be anti-matter, having indefinite lifetime in a connected, alternate universe, “Yin-Yang”.

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