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Monday, 3 September 2012

Alpha-Omega a universe in freefall

If we was to step outside our universe you would see we are surrounded by countless universes(electrons/protons)

We are within one of these "expanding electrons'' falling to the next shell that is why the stars and planets are weightless just like astronauts practicing weightlessness in a falling plane. We are once again falling towards the Omega.(NEXT ELECTRON SHELL) Each a lower energy level, Each level would be like starting from a singularity before expanding into what we call a universe(fractal universes), Each with slightly different physics from the previous(1 valence shell electron different).

Coming back to our "local universe" i was wondering if the "gravity wells" around galaxies stars and planets are there because of them or are the galaxies and stars etc there because of the "gravity wells", Imperfections of the expanding "universe bubble in this lower dimension" that attract the heavier elements from the higher dimension into pockets forming stars and galaxies.
Perhaps something like gold on a sluice table where the heavier gold sinks into the troughs of the sluice table and lighter materials wash over.
So as our universe expands in this lower dimension it draws in lower "dimensional space" acting like the water into our universe causing "troughs in space" where the heavy old dimensional materials collect creating what we see (planets stars galaxies).
And the old dimensional space (DARK MATTER) creating a lattice,( 27%)
while the lower dimensional space(DARK ENERGY) fills the lattice.( 68%)(energy between shells)
Normal matter( 5%) Which is expanded and broken down dark matter, that has collected in pockets of d/energy.
Our universe is 68% expanded.(filled by in flowing dark energy)
The old is the "skeleton web" of the new.
Dark energy/lower dimensional    Dark matter/higher dimensional.
With this, i would expect there to be vortexs all over our universe where the lower dimensional space/dark energy is rushing in.
There are super massive black holes filling the galaxy bubble, There are also atom size black holes filling our solar bubble, the larger the vortex the more lower dimensional space rushes in depositing larger amounts of higher dimensional particles causing star to form, but as we continue to expand the materials become more dispersed, stars and galaxies form further apart,
The rushing dimensional space causes the materials to swirl in these pockets, The larger the "galaxy" or cluster of stars would mean there is a larger vortex or multiple vortexs (black holes) nearby.
I also expect as our universe bubble expands the galaxy bubbles will start to shrink as dimensional space is evened out, "black holes" then reverse drawing "space -energies" to other areas of our universe bubble.

Voyager 1 should be reaching the edge of our solar bubble, i expect it to encounter higher amounts of incoming higher dimensional energies.
Recently hubble as done some more deep field imageing and i was thinking we might start seeing the edges of other "expanding universes" beginning to merge with our own.
Once you realize our universe is expanding in lower dimensional space, you realize the edges of our universe must have vortexs(black holes) letting the lower dimensional space rush in,
You realize galaxies formed when there was a higher concentration of higher dimensional materials now we have expanded somewhat, there is less concentrate of higher dimensional materials, so less to deposit in troughs, This depositing is still going on, They are known as gamma ray bursts.
And being as we are expanding these Gamma bursts would mostly be towards the edges of our universe, so would be happening mainly around the the very first stars and galaxies.
Black holes are the process to even the expanding universe, sometimes expelling sometimes consuming.

Which also then got me to thinking if all "matter and energies" came from a higher dimension we must then be higher dimensional beings living in this lower dimension which inturn means life came from the higher dimension and must then permeate dimensional space time and collect in the right "gravity wells" not to hot not to cold (earth). As it is said   "What is above is below"

This phrase comes from the beginning of The Emerald Tablet and embraces the entire system of traditional and modern magic which was inscribed upon the tablet in cryptic wording by Hermes Trismegistus. The significance of this phrase is that it is believed to hold the key to all mysteries. All systems of magic are claimed to function by this formula. "'That which is above is the same as that which is below'...Macrocosmos is the same as microcosmos. The universe is the same as God, God is the same as man, man is the same as the cell, the cell is the same as the atom, the atom is the same as...and so on, ad infinitum."
Every electron is a universe, We are Multi-Universal Beings, We are the universe experiencing its self in human form.

"I have come to realize, "Every Proton", "Is a Fractal Universe",
Humans, Are made of matter, atoms, Which are combinations of Protons, neutrons, electrons,
Which would then also mean, Humans, Are made of Universes, Which also means, The food/matter, We consume for energy, are also groups of Multi-Verses, Universes are our energy source, 
We are "Multi-Universal Entities", Living in a "Fractal Universe",
On these scales when we consume "food", we are consuming universes, We behave has massive black holes do.

We also "Create our own Gravity", 
When we build in the "Human World", We put combinations of atoms/elements together, 
We build houses, Houses are made of matter, "Protons",  Which are Universes, Atoms/molecules Multi-Verses,
These Multi-Verses are now held together by a "GRAVITY WE CREATE" using bricks and mortar, Held within a structure many call Home, 
This "Gravity", Then scales down to individual Universes, held within our Earthly Creations,
I sit in my room, I am a vast Multi-Universal Entity, 
I am the GRAVITY, That holds countless Multi-verses together, 
Every Ornament/Possession in my home is a Massive Multi-Verse, 
We are far greater than most could ever realize, Most do not see beyond this tiny speck we call "The Universe", 
This "View" OF "Reality, Has given me a new found appreciation of the wonders around me, I look at everything now with "New Eyes".
I have found "A Reality", That feels right for "Me". 

We each contain each another to varying degrees, We are a balance within of all that is, Our "physical form" is a projection of that balance.
We are all multi-universal entities, looking out into our shared existence, We each have an effect on each others "worlds", We can choose those who we wish to have most effect upon our worlds,
War -Anger-Hate have no place within my world, I choose who and what dwells within me and to what degree.
You cannot disguise who you are from those that can "See".

Computer simulation, Showing how they think galaxies are formed, Suggesting cold gas flow along funnel filaments into the center of galaxies, Which fits perfectly with "our universe" expanding in lower dimensional space.


Some times you have to step outside the box to see the bigger picture.

Electricity is produced by passing a magnet through a coil,

Our solar system travels through the galaxy similar to has shown below,
The planets orbit the sun, planets are made of elements which are mostly metals,
The sun can be classed as the magnet passing through the coil of planets,


The sun the magnet the planets(metal cores) the coil, This would produce/create some kind of effect/field, 
The field is what we call electricity, We do not create electricity we only borrow it from this "field".

But it brings me to tesla's "Radiant energy", Which he believed was bound up with the "elusive ether", but could be made manifest by the creation of an abrupt disruption in the equilibrium,
He believed electricity could be made available anywhere anytime, by merely pushing a rod into the ground and turning on a electrical appliance.

http://educate-yours...ergystory.shtml Tesla's radiant energy.

Could this "possible property" of the sun/planets be the "Free energy" Tesla was trying to tap into?

DC or AC, Would this field be AC or DC, Would the 11yr pole shift of the sun and longer shift of planets produce an AC current?

Are we surrounded by "free/clean energy" waiting to be tapped into. We may just have to find the "switch" and switch it on,

link to simulation of solar system passage

Gods of Etherea, Shaft of light(etherean currents)from high heavens, piercing the earths vortex.

Birkeland currents, Stars are born within twisting Birkeland currents that flow around a circuit through the galaxy.

I wonder about the focal points where all light from stars converge, Which would be mainly within galaxies, with webs stretching between galaxies.
there are 100's of billions of stars throwing out photons in every direction, At the focal points where all light/photons from stars converge,There must be Billions of photons colliding/passing through each other at any point in space? Each with energies of 1 MeV, Plus gamma ray photons, Are these energies multiplied by each other at focal points allowing collisions to happen producing many electron-positron pairs?

.If electrons can be caused by photon collisions,
I would expect the created electrons to be scattered at close to the speed of light. Some perhaps becoming caught in the magnetic fields within the Van Allen belts (Electron solar storms)

Could they then lose energy and then dissipate into the two major electron belts, Until the next electron storm that will create another 3rd ring of ultra relativistic electrons. 
.....Just a thought,
I was wondering that if all stars are emitting photons in all directions there would still be a beam the diameter of each star hitting our sun,
In effect adding energy to our sun (stars feeding stars),
I wondered about our suns 11 year solar cycle and Jupiters 11.8 year orbit, And thought maybe there is a connection,
If Jupiters orbit acts like a eclipse blocking out a large amount of these incoming photons from hitting our sun, In effect cooling our sun by a small margin,
Also adding heat to Jupiter, Maybe a factor to storms on Jupiter.


I Cannot help but think this reminds me of the expansion of universe, Starts from a point and expands outwards, Order within the chaos.
The "Point" in primes is one, Every number then expands out from within one as I have tried to show below.
I have used triangles joining 2 then four, for each stage.

Primes are mirrored each side of element 45
There are 5 primes that do not have a "mirror prime" these are 2,3,5,13,89, These 5 primes are the first f primes in the Fibonacci sequence and the only ones in the periodic table.
primes are only "random" outside our naturally occurring elements/d. expansions within expansions, This mirroring effect carries on beyond hydrogen Z1 Z89(naturally occurring elements), Primes follow this mirror effect beyond our "universe", primes are not random when you have a fuller picture.

The joining of 4 tables, We no longer have primes, Except for each end where 1 as become 2, This will be where this "block of 4" will join to the next block, There will then be expansions within expansions.
ExPrimes are still highlighted, Each have mirror elements(At this moment in time).
We have to realize we are only ever aware of a fraction of what we class as reality, We must see the parts as parts of the whole, Elements are all part of a bigger picture, It is a jigsaw puzzle waiting to be put together.

There are expansions within expansions, Once you understand these "expansions" you can work                                                                                                


Primes in 1 dimensional cellular automata


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